Tuesday, August 20, 2013

seeing spots + triangles

if you have been following us on our other ventures before this, you may remember us talking about wallsbymur and how obsessed we are! well the obsession continues... this time with polka dots and triangles!! incase you haven't heard about them. wallsbymur is a company that makes amazing wall decals. not your run of the mill- sayings- on- a- wall decal but simple little patterns that can be placed in hundreds of different ways and in great color options! we highly recommend them for home owners but even more for people who are renting. it's a great alternative to doing something permanent, that you will just have to paint over when you leave- and you can take them with you if you are careful since they are reuseable!!! best part-  if you are ADD with your decor like us you just take em down and put em somewhere else! basically.... love.
{choose your space, grab a helper, and get sticking. . .}


  1. Is that Rekker's new room with the triangles? Or is that Other Baby Boy's nursery? Either way, I love it!