Tuesday, September 24, 2013

for the love of fall

One of our favorite things about fall are those yummy drinks that pop up at Starbucks and Coffee Bean. Yes, those sugary, caramely, and spicy concoctions that call for an extra workout if you choose to indulge.  But why do that to yourself? Instead make this healthy and delicious version that adds fiber and protein to your day. . .
1 cup coconut milk or almond milk // 4oz pumpkin puree // 1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice // 1 tblsp raw pecans // 2 scoops vanilla protein powder // 1 scoop fiber // ice

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

chair remix

owning white chairs with little loves around isn't the best idea... yet some how we've ended up with them! {white was such a great idea until markers and snacks found its way there...ahhh!} heres an easy way to redo your chairs in one weekend without having to fully reupholster! we took a little fabric paint and watered to it down a lot {do it to your liking but we did it about 1 tablespoon of paint : 1 mason jar of water, give or take} we also did a little bit of an ombre effect by doing a little bit thicker coat on the seat and bottom of the chair. watering the paint down gives you a lot of room to work with incase you're not sure how rich you want your color to be. then when it comes to reupholstering the back, we laid the fabric onto the back of the chair, cut it out about 1/2 inch larger than the back, folded the edges inside and hammered the upholstery tacks into the back! it may seem like a lot, but if we can do it, you can do it! 

Monday, September 9, 2013

take me back...pack

all this back to school excitement has got us mamas over here thinkin... backpacks aren't only for those who are under the age of 18 and sit in class all day, us grown ups can partake in the ease of having two hands available as well. especially those of us who always seem to have a baby on our hip! there are so many cute options available this time of year, and now that school has started most are on sale. so hurry up... go push your way through all those tweens and grab the last ones before they're gone! ps i know its scary that its time to start thinking about this but great christmas idea alert!! where has this year gone?!?

take me back {pack}

                      sabrina tach  //  vintage //  jeffery campbell  //  brandi melville // chanel // mclovebuddy

Thursday, September 5, 2013

quick + healthy snacks

With school back in session and fall activities in full swing, it is important to keep easy + healthy snacks around the house for yourself and the kiddos! Because all of you mamas out there know that you always end up sneaking a few bites (I mean, you hate seeing food go to waste) of your little ones goldfish or french fries. Here are a few of our favorite snack combos for quick grab + go energy that your kids will love as much as you do. . .

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

DIY :: Bootie Tassels

Who doesn't love a good pair of booties? If you are anything like us, when you find the "ones" you wear them with EVERYTHING. . . that great maxi skirt, your new printed skinny jeans, even that little vintage sundress from the flea market!! Yes, the bootie is kinda like the glaze to our donuts, the cheese to our macaroni, the milk to our cookies {well} you get the idea. But, even the great ones get a little boring every once in while. Why not fancy em up a bit, get a little jazz-y with it? We made these little tassels that attach to the zipper or buckle to add some funk to our step. It is super easy and you probably have all of the things that you need right in your closet! Grab that broken necklace that you have been meaning to fix, some leather or ribbon from your gift wrap collection, and you are ready to go! Lucky for us, we keep jars of random baubles scattered around the house for exact moments like these.  Here is what went down. . .

So rad, huh? Now, show us your tassels!! We want to see your booties shake. . .